Artistic Path :

  Self-taught painter, my first career was in education, as a teacher in music and dance and finally as school director. My paintings are inspired at the same time by the landscapes, the history and the architecture. As in a musical piece, I look for harmony, contrast, texture, subtlety, rhythm and depth.

Utilizing various types of stone beads as a background texture on the canvas, I am able to make the relief stand out and to accentuate the contrast between sturdy and supple materials, between durable and ephemeral elements, between natural and man-made works.

Colour and shades give life to the painting while the light reflection on the stone gives a unique velvety atmosphere.

Working with different mediums, I discovered that stone suited well with my favourite subjects. I constantly search for new effects while using stone and overlaying different textures. This has brought me to make 3D paintings in order to accentuate depth and perspective. Stone is a very rich material and experimenting with it is fascinating.